Stralsund, workshops phase b start!

Stralsund, Workshops Phase B start!
Found letters – writing workshop

Do you like writing? This writing workshop will give you tips on how to write in an exciting and lively way. In addition to teaching writing skills, there are also writing games and exercises to stimulate your creativity.

The course takes place in cooperation with Kreisvolkshochschule Vorpommern-Rügen as part of the „Found Letters“ project, so in this writing workshop you will „find“ a letter / intimate text from migrants living in Vorpommern-Rügen and write your own text in response.

About the project „Gefundene Briefe – letters found“ of the LiteraturRat M-V e.V.:

The aim of the project is to promote intercultural understanding in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern through literary workshops in addition to promoting migrant writing. The exchange of self-written „letters“ and intimate texts creates a dialog between people with and without migration and refugee experience.

Phase A: Migrants and refugees experience empowerment by writing down their personal feelings, experiences, memories and wishes in texts.

Phase B: People without migration and refugee experience develop a deeper understanding and greater acceptance for other realities of life through an intensive examination of these texts. Through their self-written responses to the „letters“ and intimate texts, people without migration and refugee experience enter into literary contact with the authors of the „letters“.

Phase B starts this semester: After the migrant participants have successfully completed the workshop in Phase A, the texts produced in the various mother tongues are translated into German. Now the process of finding the „letters“ begins. In this phase B, people without migration and refugee experience from the social and geographical environment of the participants from phase A approach the translated texts, guided by lecturers in a writing workshop. After they have dealt with the texts in depth, they compose their own written responses to the „letters“.

Phase C (fall 2024): The collected texts from phases A and B are presented to the public in readings and a print publication.

Project start: Wed, 10.01., 4 pm (8 x 4)

Dates and times: to be determined in consultation with the participants!

Course leader: Dr. Gabriela Heidenreich, graduate Germanist, author, editor, leader of writing workshops

Location: VHS Stralsund

Fee: free of charge

Registration for the workshop in Stralsund is currently still possible. Participation is free of charge!

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